Nevis Triathlon




Triathlon Rules

Here are the most important rules for the Nevis Triathlon:

  1. Drafting off another competitor or motor vehicle is forbidden. The draft zone will be a rectangle 7 meters long by 3 meters wide.
  2. The bike, helmet and transition bags have to be checked in Friday to allow time for competitors to make modifications, if necessary, to comply with the rules.
  3. Race Marshals' instructions have to be followed. Protests must be made in written to the Referee.
  4. Littering is not allowed. Competitors throwing away bike bottles, packaging of bars and gels or the like will be disqualified immediately.
  5. It is mandatory to swim without your race number. It must be worn on your lower back for the bike and on your front for the run.
  6. Escorting is forbidden.
  7. Relays must pass on the timing chip in order to be classified.
  8. Nevis Triathlon abides by rules set by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) Code. Age group athletes can also be drug tested.
  9. Smiles and good mood are mandatory in order to start at Nevis Triathlon.
  10. The Race Director’s decision is final in all cases.
  11. Racers must be properly attired for a Triathlon race, in particular:
    Approved hard helmet
    Enclosed shoes
    Jersey or top
    Swim Cap


Nevis Triathlon 2018


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