Hermitage Restaurant & Bar

Pig Roast West Indian Buffet every Wednesday

Come along and enjoy a pig roast West Indian buffet.  Make a table reservation using the form on the right.

Dining at the Hermitage
A gracious, colonial dining porch wraps around the historic manor house offering public and private dining. For breakfast, lunch and dinner.    

Local dishes are the core cuisine and are brought to their peak of perfection and variety every Wednesday night at the Caribbean pig roast.  It’s one of the most popular events on the island. 

The bar is an island favourite.  The wooden decor and pictures of local horse races creates cozy atmosphere where local characters and island visitors mingle while enjoying the best rum punch Nevis has to offer.  It’s here that tall tales about mountain climbs and the high seas are exchanged. 

Local Cooks
The cooks at Hermitage come from the nearby villages, the herbs and spices come from the garden, local farmers bring their produce directly to the hotel, and the fish is also delivered, dripping wet, fresh from the sea.  The ladies in the kitchen take great pride in their talent and have created a few dishes that are known on Nevis as Hermitage specialities. 

Our food is distinctly home-cooking, maximizing local ingredients and local techniques.  We are the only kitchen on the island that makes use of a traditional wood burning oven.  The smell of roasts, simmering sauces and sautés wafts out of the kitchen.  So does the sound of the ladies in the kitchen chattering away in local dialect. 

News From The Hermitage Kitchen!
While your favourite dishes are still a feature on The Hermitage menu, much has changed.  New staff are shaking up the kitchen!   

Highly regarded Executive Chef  Janice Ryan is transforming the food and the kitchen at The Hermitage!  Janice joined us in 2014 following a career of cooking at her own inn on St. Kitts and at Montpelier on Nevis.  Here she has been inspired by the success of the Caribbean BBQ on Wednesday nights – a long tradition at The Hermitage - and the increasing availability of good local products.  Janice is introducing new ideas, new ways of cooking and new dishes that are making The Hermitage one of the absolutely top spots to dine on Nevis. 

The Friday Night 'Caribbean Cicchetti' Table
Modeled on family style dining, Janice has designed and launched the Hermitage Italian Table on Fridays - which features thin crusted stone oven pizza and new range of “Caribbean Cicchetti” – a series of small side dishes best shared with friends.  It can be a light dinner, or can easily add up to something more substantial that introduce a bottle or two of wine.  

The Hermitage West Indian Buffet
Wednesdays nights at The Hermitage are fondly called “Pig Night”.  It is a meal that takes all day to prepare.  The men, grill master Lenny Liburd and his assistant, Super Cat, tend to the meat and the fire, a whole locally grown pig is spit roasted for 8 hours under the mango tree. 

The ladies in the kitchen prepare classic West Indian dishes as an homage to the recipes of mothers and grandmothers. These dishes are served in the traditional clay pots and vessel that are fired here on the island.

The day starts with Full Planters Breakfast from 8:00am to 10:30am on the verandah. A few things to know, the yogurt is homemade, the sausage is local, the West Indian omelet is spicy, and the french toast is truly and justly famous. 

Lunch is served from Noon to 2:30pm on the Verandah or poolside. Grilled chicken or fish, pasta and shrimp and fresh salad. If you are looking for something local, try the roti, a home-made wrap stuffed with curry. 

Afternoon Tea and Rum Punch 

Served in the Great Room or one of the side porches. Try English teas or our own local bush teas, each with their own restorative effect. The Hermitage carrot cake alone is worth a trip. 

Our rum punch deserves special mention.  It is a 350 year old recipe that is made with only fresh mountain citrus and local rum. It is made in the morning and sampling has sometimes lead to drinking before noon.


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