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Welcome to Nevis, the "Queen of the Caribees" one of the most unspoilt, enchanting and relaxing islands in the Caribbean.

A visit to our beautiful tropical isle is not complete unless you explore our rainforest, climb our majestic Nevis Peak or hike to our newly discovered magnificent natural waterfalls with tour guide Baba.

Whether you choose to hike to Nevis Peak, The Water Source, The Water Falls, Saddle Hill or you choose to hike the Long Trail you are guaranteed an exciting, informative and invigorating climb as you experience nature´s unspoilt beauty.

Hiking Tours

Nevis Peak or Nevis Peak Up and Over

4-5 hour guided tour

Like a pyramid smack in the centre of our 36 square mile island, rising 3232ft in height Nevis Peak awaits you.  Our four hour guided tour of our mountain starts at Peak Haven which is located in the ever green village of Rawlins and involves winding pathways and steps carved from igneous volcanic rock.  On this invigorating, stimulating journey you are sure to enter habitat and playground of the Green Velvet Monkey, birds, bees and butterflies just to name a few.  Lush green foliage of all species line the trail from start to finish.  It is certainly an experience that you cannot afford to miss.

The Up and Over trail would take you down on the other side of the mountain at the top of Hamilton.

The Water Source

2-3 hour guided tour

The trail begins in Rawlins and is easy-to-moderate for the first 1.4 miles.  At this point we´ll have reached 1,670´ elevation and the cool, moist air of the rain forest, with big tree ferns, heliconia, and other vegetation not seen at lower elevations. There is a long over-look vista, stretching all the way to the north coast at Newcastle and beyond.  After this point, the trail becomes fairly strenuous, with a lot of ups and downs, and even a set of steep, moss covered concrete steps.  The path becomes narrow at times, with steep drop-offs to one side.

 The Waterfalls

2.5 hour guided tour

Our newly discovered waterfalls consist of six mini falls that are roughly 15 minutes walk from each other.  Your tour begins at the ruins of the old Russell Plantation in St. James Parish which dates back to the 1650´s.

Along this trail you are bound to encounter our diverse fauna and flora, monkeys and a variety of fruit trees.  Enjoy breath-taking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean.  The indigenous cocoa plant from which chocolate is made, the trumpet bush that is known locally for its medicinal properties in the treatment of common colds, and bamboo trees which is used to create souvenirs etc. are also accessible along this trail.

Come indulge yourself and take a dip in the cool invigorating waters of our majestic waterfalls and be revived.

Saddle Hill Fortress

2 hour guided tour

Saddle Hill Fortress or Nelson´s Lookout rests 1250ft above sea level.  Saddle Hill a large saddle-shaped hill (one of several ancient volcanic cores) in the southern part of the island of Nevis.  This mini rainforest is where British Naval Admiral Horatio Nelson kept watch for foreign intruders and served as a strategic strong-hold aiding in his success.  In recent years the fort atop the hill has been developed and is accessible for hiking.  The fortress wall is 1600 metres in length and 40ft high in some places.

The Long Trail - 4 Hike in 1

4-5 hour guided tour

This tour begins at the ruins of Russell Plantationin St. James Parish which dates back to the 1650´s and ends in Barnes Ghaut in St. Thomas´ Parish.  The suggested start time is 7am.  This trail uses the mountainous routes that takes you deep inside the rainforest.  It is for the nature lovers as it is all about nature.  You will explore lush vegetation and mountain flora amidst towering rainforest trees with hanging vines.  Your guide will identify and explain uses of various plants, trees, birds and animal lifethat you will see along the trail.


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Hike Nevis Peak and Waterfalls
Hike Nevis Peak and Waterfalls

BABA Guided Tours, River Path, KN, St. George Gingerland, St. Kitts and Nevis

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