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Excited about your upcoming trip to Nevis? So are we! Nevis Island is truly extraordinary - unlike any other in the West Indies. 

We created BookNevis.com to provide you with an easy way to learn about what Nevis Island has to offer, and assist you in planning your trip. Book your Nevis accommodations, airline transfers, Nevis activities and special events right here, all in one place. 

BookNevis.com is based in Nevis and founded by Nevisians - we don’t just live on Nevis, we LOVE Nevis – our passion for this special ‘rock’ means we get to share Nevis with you in a way that other virtual travel services cannot. 

BookNevis.com is at the ready to assist you with any and all questions about Nevis Island and our services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us: 



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